Anne Mette Hjornholm is coming to Hepple to run an Irish weave workshop Friday Saturday 5/6 April. (fully booked) Before she books her flight she has suggested seeing if enough basketmakers would like a second workshop, dates for such a session would be Tuesday 2nd, Wednesday 3rd or possibly Thursday 4th April.

To see her work look up her website, under images there are two examples of Irish weave (one pic extreme right row 3, the other extreme left row 10)

Charlotte is taking bookings and expressions of interest with the cost at £165 for the two days, 9.30 am to 4 pm, the price includes materials. (not certain if it includes the leather strap and rivets)

If you are interested contact Charlotte for bookings, payment details, accommodation, queries, etc.. Tel; 01669 640265,

NB Time is short, the simplest venue would be the known format at Hepple, however Charlotte would have no problem with someone else taking on the arrangements for another location which is convenient for flights from Denmark.

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Author Name : Alan
Publish Date : 9th February 2019