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Saturday 24th February saw 7 NBG members (from Borders and Hepple groups) tackling work at the plot.

We finished harvesting all the willow varieties, except for Dicky Meadows. David Growden did a fabulous job digging out the Grisette de Falaise stools by the roots and taking up the mulch. Hopefully this will be the last of the changes at the plot.

The area is to be replanted with Dicky Meadows. After tilthing the soil, new mulch will be laid and the new Dicky Meadows cuttings planted using a jig to ensure the nine rods per square metre format.

The next long day harvesting will be Saturday 17th of March. There is plenty of tidying up to do.

If you are able to help at the plot then or at another time please let Siobhan know.

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Author Name : Alan
Publish Date : 8th March 2018
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