SQUARE BASKETS With EDDIE GLEW (See Blithwood Willowcrafts or Eddie’s snowdrop sculpture at Wallington Hall) We have a very special workshop in June which I know will be very popular and places will fill quickly. Eddie has kindly offered to come back to the northeast to show us how to use another method to make square baskets which doesn’t involve crawling round the floor in tricky yoga positions! Let me know exactly what you’d like to make and Eddie will come prepared. The cost will be £110 10-4 Monday 11 and Tuesday 12 June To book a place send a cheque or BAC to Lucker and Bamburgh Willow Weavers c/o Anne Otley, Lucker House, Lucker, Belford, Northumberland NE70 7JG

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Author Name : Jan
Publish Date : 3rd March 2018