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Rita recently tutored an exciting two day workshop at Hepple and participants enjoyed an introduction to Maori history and making techniques.

A wonderful time was spent harvesting leaves from the nearby National Trust property at Cragside. This was followed by weaving with fresh and processed flax.

In New Zealand the large baskets are used for food gathering and storing. They are made with fresh Phormium usually by the youngest and the oldest of the group while others harvest leaves most of which are then 'processed' into a state for storing and later use. 'Preparing' Phormium includes boiling to make it 'bio-secure' and Rita brought Phormium ready to weave from New Zealand for the group's second project.

If you would like to know more there is a wealth of information on her website and you can contact Rita on 0064 9 403 8833

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Author Name : Alan
Publish Date : 15th July 2017
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