An agreement has been signed this week between Hexhamshire Parish Council and Northumbria Basketry Group for the management of a new willow plot. The location of the site is Quakers' Hollow, Whitley Chapel. Previously the plot has been used for growing biomass willow. New planting of basketry willow has now started. There is a large cabin on site that the Newton Group plan to use for meetings in the summer. In addition there is a composting toilet facility in a large shed. Many thanks are due to Monica Haigh, Jennifer Molyneux, Bill Oakes and the rest of the Newton Group who have made this possible. Particular thanks are due to Monica who has steadfastly negotiated with the local Parish Council for this satifactory outcome. The Council are very pleased with what has been done so far, are glad that we are proactive in managing the site and are happy to continue the agreement for years to come. Photos - Monica Haigh

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Author Name : Alan
Publish Date : 17th February 2017
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