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Tim is very interested in Third World or First Nation basketry work, he adapts the results of his research to construct twined contemporary baskets. Particpants worked with fine rush adding locally sourced fibres for changes of texture or colour. This is a wonderfully tactile material. Student comments include the following: "I thoroughly enjoyed the two days, learnt loads, am pleased with the results, enjoyed all the basketry chat and loved the shared meal." "An excellent tutor. A really stimulating and interesting workshop that has changed my attitude towards rush. Learnt some really interesting techniques that I will experiment with further." "Tim has made me much more aware of the importance of hand positions when making each stitch, and to be confident tightening/adjusting the stitch before going on to the next one. Also learnt a lot about when to harvest and prepare a variety of natural materials, which I am keen to try." If you would like to attend a twining workshop or a knotting, looping, netting workshop with Tim please let Charlotte know. Tim comes to Newcastle at least once a year so we can ask for a workshop or two the next time he passes by.

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Author Name : Alan
Publish Date : 13th November 2016
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