20th February 2019 - 17th July 2019
Time : 10am to 3pm
Venue : Hepple Village Hall
Cost : £7 members + cost of willow. Non members by arrangement

Northumbria Basketry Group members meet monthly at Hepple Village Hall to practice basketry. Tools, materials, tea and coffee are available but you need to bring your own packed lunch. New members are welcome but please let us know of your intention to attend.

The date of the next meeting is the 20th of February.

On Wednesday 20th of February Anna will return to continue making organic baskets on a Catalan base.

Wednesday 13th of March (please note that this is the second not third Wednesday in the month) Continue with Catalan bases and organic baskets if it is something you would like to perfect. Demonstration of a swirl top border with wood available for handles, this finish/border for a basket is appropriate for almost all basket shapes or style.

Wednesday 17th of April, recapping and cascade learning 'frame baskets'.

Wednesday 15th of May, oval bases

Wednesday 19th of June, more oval bases and baskets

Wednesday 17th of July tbd.





contact details
Contact Name : Charlotte Boxall
Address : High Grow Law, Hepple, Morpeth, NE65 7LH
Telephone : 01669 640265
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